Bruce Lee. Founder of Jeet Kune Do.Sifu Joel and Sifu Jerry Poteet (1st Generation Instructor), July 2006, with Joel's certification as a 2nd Generation Instructor in Jeet Kune Do.Sifu Jerry and Sifu Joel at the 2007 JPJKD Instructors' Seminar.
Facing off with Sifu Jerry Poteet.Michael Ha, Sifu Joel, Sifu Jerry, Aaron Zaffron, and Charles Bunnag at the 2007 JPJKD Instructors' Seminar.Receiving Black Belt from Sifu Ed Monaghan, May 2005.
Goofing around with Sifu Jerry Poteet, Instructors' Seminar 2005.Training during Jerry Poteet Seminar at Combative Arts AcademyHanshi Vince Anthony, Sifu Joel Ledlow, and Shihan Cutter. San Diego, 2006.
Casey, Sifu Ed, Sifu Fran, Sifu JoAnn, Sifu Jerry, Sifu Joel, Mike. Instructors' Seminar 2005.Jerry Poteet Instructor's Seminar 2005Sifu Joel with Sifu Fran, Instructors' Seminar 2005. Don't let her freindly smile fool you.
Defending Against Edged Weapons Seminar. San Diego, 2006. Center is Sijo Emperado, founder of Kajukenbo.


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